Mile a Day Challenge – Days 11-14

Miles Ran during stretch – 9
Total Miles – 26.8

When it comes to staying updated through the weekend, I guess I’m slacking.

Anyhow, another completed week down. Two weeks straight running, and I’ve pulled off a marathon for my efforts. For most of the days, I’ve just been sticking to the single mile, content to keep the streak alive during days where I have zero tolerance for exercising. I’ve started to get a little more ambitious, however, as tonight I pulled off the first 5+ mile run in months.

Knowing I don’t need anything left in the tank during the single miles, I’ve actually been pushing myself at a solid clip. I’ve hovered around 8 minute miles a lot more than I’m used to, with my usual clip coming in around 9 or 9 and a half minute miles.

So, seeing as I was gonna be going for distance over speed for the first time in a while, I set out at a leisurely pace. Got through the halfway point and was feeling great. Being in Seattle, of course there is a sizable hill right near the last stretch of my run. I got through and onto the final straightaway, and was absolutely amazed at the second wind that kicked in. Could definitely feel the difference between this 5 miler, and ones that I’ve done in the past without running as consistently beforehand. It was just easier to get the legs moving.

Feeling great, and ready to make it through 21 days of running consistently.

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