Mile a Day Challenge – Days 4-7

Days Ran consecutively – 8
Miles ran (days 4-7) – 6
Total Miles – 12.8

Luckily for me, I’ve been doing much better at keeping up the daily mile streak than I have been updating this. I can officially say that it’s starting to become a habit. I nearly blew the run off yesterday but I started getting all antsy as the evening wore down. I ended up lacing up the shoes and taking off for the mile while my chicken was marinating (homemade teriyaki – bomb stuff).

I appreciated this because that would have been the perfect time for me to distract myself with the internet or crack open a beer. Instead? I kept the streak alive. A mile is so stupid easy. If you include the time it takes to change and/or shower afterwards, it’s no more than 15-20 minutes and you’ve accomplished some exercise for the day.

That’s one thing I’ve always appreciated about running – even if I’ve been a complete fuck up the rest of the day, if I get a run in, I’ll at least feel like I’ve accomplished something.

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