Mile a Day challenge – Day 2

Days Ran consecutively – 3 days
Miles ran today – 2.3 miles
Total Miles – 4.8 miles

I mentioned the onsite gym that my workplace has – and I’ll come back to this.
So every job has it’s moments of downtime. My position at this company happens to be brand new, meaning there is no precedence and I’m kind of forging my own way. This allows me to be as busy as I want, or, allows for a lot of slack time. I’ve struggled with lack of supervision in the past, but for the most part, I’ve been pretty solid staying on task.

Except for certain days. You see, for a month they wanted me to come in at 3pm and stay until 1130 pm. It was an interesting schedule. Especially since, for 4 out of the 5 days I worked, I had absolutely nothing to occupy myself past 8 or 9 pm. That left many hours during the month to goof around on the internet, or catch up on some books from my Kindle.

Luckily, they switched me from that schedule to where I now work noon-830pm. This is much better, and I’ve increased my productivity as a result. However, there are still certain days where there just isn’t a whole lot going on past 7/8pm. Tonight was one of those nights. It hit 6:30pm, the last of the other people in the office left, and I was gearing up for another 2 hours or so of mindless clicking about the internet.

Today, I changed that up. I thought to myself, “Hey! I’ve got this challenge I’ve imposed on myself. If I’m going to just putt about, why not head down to the gym?”

And that, gentlepeople, is what I did. Went down to the gym and banged out 2.3 miles on the treadmill. I figure this is much less wasteful for the company, as consistent exercise gives me more energy and better mental health, which makes me more productive during my days.

Still, I’ve got to find ways to contribute more during downtime.

Few things to note – I caved on both smoking and drinking during the weekdays, so I’m going to refrain from adding that to the beginning of each post. I don’t want the snowball effect to kick in where I feel bad about my progress in one area, and allow my progress in other areas to fall by the wayside as a result. Besides, when I stay active, it makes it much easier for me to eliminate the bad habits. So my main focus is going to stay on running on the daily. The rest will come, I’m confident of that.

Last note – While I’m feeling good about getting to the gym tonight instead of completely slacking off, I didn’t come prepared with any spare clothes. So, I had to throw the sweaty shit back on after my workout. There are few things more discomforting than stewing in your own sweaty clothes. I’m dying inside. It’s nasty. I’m sure you all can relate, remembering that one time you forgot to bring clean clothes to the gym and had to endure the ride home in your full sweat gear. On to day 3.

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