Mile a day challenge – Day 1

I’ll call this day one, even though I’ve technically ran for two days in a row. Ran tonight, and yesterday as well. BUT who cares. Let’s see about that template thingy from before –

Days Ran consecutively: 2 days
Total Miles: 2.5 miles

Drank?: Yes – I did on Monday. Grabbed myself a tall boy on the way home. Luckily, this didn’t stop me from running, as I convinced myself to go for that run, and then allow myself to have a drink. Good stuff. Just need to keep cutting back on weekdays.

Smoked?: No. Nice. That makes it two days in a row. It’s tough to quit smoking because I seriously enjoy the smoke break. Just stepping outside and sitting by yourself for a few minutes. It’s a great refresher.

I won’t include the journal part of the template because, well, the answer is yes if I am typing this out.

So yesterday and today were pretty good. After tapping out the initial challenge post and feeling all ready to get stuff done, I immediately lost motivation on the walk from my work desk to the car.  Stopped by to grab a beer since “it was a long day” and was fully prepared to become a vegetable for the evening. However, I got home, looked about, and didn’t feel content to do nothing. Cut to me finishing laundry (folding and putting away! holy what?!), talking myself into a run, meditating, showering, and reading for the evening. Of course, I sprinkled in some Battlefield and a beer in there because, you know, baby steps. Overall, pretty decent evening.

I like a mile run. It’s just enough to get the blood pumping, and it’s easy enough to where I feel comfortable really pushing myself at times. Trying to get going full speed is one of the things I love about running. So I think, when I feel like it, I’ll treat these mile runs as a HIIT sort of thing. Help my speed out. Gotta love that ache deep in the legs you get when you’ve pushed it extra hard.

Today was solid as well. Work went by quick enough, which is always a plus. Also found out I have a surprise 3 day weekend since they switched me from a Sun-Thu to a Mon-Fri schedule. Means I get the normal Friday and Saturday off, then the Sunday since it’s the beginning of that new work week. I won’t complain, although I did enjoy having that weekday off for errands. It made everything so easy and much less crowded than on the weekends. I’ll also miss working Sundays as well, they were just relaxed with half the workforce here, made for a great buffer day to start the week.

After work, I went and hit up the company (onsite) gym that is okay. They just have some dumbbells, treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and room for yoga. It’s enough to get me feeling like I’ve moved some heavy stuff, so it’s not bad. Just wish they had some bars and free weights. Maybe I can talk to HR and see if they’d be willing to put in some equipment if I paid for it? It’s too convenient to not use, but I’d really like more options for workouts.

Anyhow, went after work tonight and did some chest/arms/shoulders. Ran my mile there, on the treadmill, at a decent clip, and then finished all that up with some yoga and meditation. Came home, slammed out some dinner and did the dishes, most of which weren’t even mine. Because that’s how I continue on the path to be a normal functioning adult!

Two days down, and I’m feeling much better. Crazy how much a thing like exercise can really whip you into shape, mentally and physically. Onwards to day 2.

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