The Mile a Day challenge – 60 days

There is a lot that I want to do.

There is a lot that I have trouble bringing myself to do.

I find it easy to do the things that are bad for me.  I find it hard to do the things that are good for me.

That’s annoying.

One of the things that has been kicking around in the back of my mind lately is to try to get in shape. You see, I just recently moved from my hometown to Seattle, and while things have been going pretty okay since, there’s still a lot that I want to do. Like I said.

Now, I happen to be taking a visit back home soon, that will be around the 6 or 7 month mark since moving. I have about 60 days until that return trip, and I want to do this “Mile a day” challenge. I think I can do it. A mile, on its own, is not really a challenge for me. Being consistent, however, is the biggest challenge for me. So I want to give it a whirl – see what happens.

I also want to quit smoking, again, for those 60 days. Oh! And eat better. Oh! And taper back my drinking (remove drinking during weeknights). Oh! And…well there’s a lot I want to do, you see.

But I think this mile a day challenge is good. I think it’s just the proper amount of challenge that I can tackle without feeling too overwhelmed. Oh! And I also want to try to publish an update every evening regarding my status. This is to help jump-start my writing as well. So you see, quite a lot I want to do.

I need to figure out some sort of template to update on my progress. I believe I will begin tomorrow, or tonight even, if I am so inspired. Let’s see:
Days Ran consecutively:
Total Miles:
Drank?: Y/N
Smoked?: Y/N
Journal?: Y/N

There. I’ll even take a picture tomorrow of my current shape to see if I make any progress through these next 60 days. I also plan on biking to work like normal and supplementing in some workout days. If I stay consistent and avoid the slip ups turning into fall downs, I think I’ll be pleased with my progress.

I’m a little scatter brained currently, and it has been way too long since I’ve tried a post. I’m super really good at guilt tripping myself into starting something, and even better at becoming too afraid to continue and abandoning the current project.

I’m sure I’ll dive into more detail as I warm myself back up to the whole process, but there’s just a ton of stuff. A ton. Or I guess I should say that it (more importantly) feels like there’s been a lot of stuff. And what is reality but what we perceive and so on.

Alright, I’ll call that good for now. I’m excited to bring an actual update tomorrow.

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