Crazy week – missed out on the short story.

So this week was moving week for me and my roommate. If you’ve ever moved, I have a feeling you can understand just how surprisingly consuming the entire process is. I’m constantly annoyed by how there just seems to be one more box of stuff every single time I step back into my room. Garbage comes oozing out of the walls, apparently, hours fly by like minutes, and before you know it, an entire week has passed and you’re completely spent.

I mean, moving is the only time where I’m completely comfortable leaving the front door wide open, because if anyone wandered in and stole some shit, they’d be doing me a favor.

While packing was sporadic throughout the week, as I had work, come Friday I was completely invested in getting everything out and done as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this became a 48 hour process, even though I had done some pregame action. So over moving, right now. In fact, I don’t want to move again for at least a year! So says my lease, at least.

I ended up moving all my junk into my new place, moving a person out of said new place, and then helping my (now ex) roommate move into their new place. Best part was, my roommate’s new place was up about ten flights of stairs, tucked away into a corner of a building, tiny efficiency style. He also somehow managed to have some of the heaviest furniture out of all of us, making for these treks up the flights of stairs as cumbersome as could be.

In fact, a couple of fingers on my right hand are still somewhat numb from a 500 pound dresser the two of us had to haul up these stairs. You know the type of dresser: way too big, even though the drawers are way too small to really have decent storage, awkward angles and corners that don’t  leave anything to grab and, as a result, all the weight from this huge thing is pinpointed into the center of your palm, destroying your fingers. No fun.


It’s all said and done, thank fuck. I’m currently sitting in my new room, shaking my head at the amount of unpacking to be done. Got my bed set up last night, and crashed out. All I had the energy for.

Anyways, I just didn’t want to go a full week without a post, as this is one of the few things I’ve actually felt passionate towards. I want to keep up this short story a week idea, because it’s fun and why not?

So I’m going to cheat a little this week, and tap out a short story I’ve already written in my journal. It’ll be shorter, but it will be something. I’ll try to have that posted in the next 24 hours or so. That will leave the rest of the week to work on this other idea I’ve had for one, which should be fun.

Thanks for reading. Hope to keep you entertained.

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