Filling out a Friday afternoon.

Fridays can be the best, and the worst, all at the same time. You know the weekend is coming, you can’t wait, but that excitement for the future makes the present just drag. In my current situation, we have a three day weekend, so half the office took Friday off as well, meaning it is even slower than usual. Without a whole lot of work to be done (and all the interesting websites blocked….thanks IT!), it doesn’t make for the most enjoyable experience.

Luckily, we have a communicator feature for our office that allows you to chat up the people around you, so often I’ll go back and forth with some friends throughout the day. It helps alleviate the skull crushing boredom on days like today, if only just a little bit.

Today’s topic of discussion with one of my office pals was how hard of a time he’s had today. Now, he is much like me in that he treats Thursday nights as Friday Night Lite, so he had been doing some pretty good drinking. Probably more of a usual Friday night amount, which is why today has been a major pain for him.

He’s struggling through the day, and I’ve been pretty chipper, that is, until lunch. Got some food in my belly, and you mix that with the boredom, and now I’m struggling to stay awake. I voiced this concern to my pal, and though he was sympathetic, he said he would gladly switch feelings with me. Knowing he had just puked a few minutes prior and has been feeling like death, I acknowledged that he might be right. I forgot rule #1 when complaining:

  • Never complain to someone that has it worse off than you

Making light of this situation, he told me I might as well run off and write a letter to some African children describing how hungry I was. Now, naturally I thought about this for a second. What would a letter of that nature sound like? What kind of nightmarish person would do such a thing? Immediately, I thought of a California Valley Girl who, for some reason (maybe as part of a sentencing for shoplifting or bad driving) has to write these letters as a way to emphasize with her fellow man. To become a more worldly person, so to speak. This bit of satire is the result:

Sup Africans! Hope you were able to find some water that didn’t poison you today. Anywhoo, I’m super seriously upset today. Like, my boss promised us we’d be out half an hour early, but it was more like 15 minutes early, what a gyp! And then, to top things off, I went to get my usual after work Twix bar from our office candy store, and they were out! Had to eat a stupid kit kat bar instead! Can you imagine?? It’s like, uh, can this day get any worse? Well, I have to run, they’re throwing a potluck for my yoga class and I don’t want to miss out on any of Stephanie’s spring rolls! They’re to die for! Okay, well, see you later! Hope you don’t get attacked by vultures again!
Of course she’s named Stacy. TGIF, I guess.


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