The perfect donut


I’ve often said the glazed old fashioned donut is the best donut. Now, when I say this, people often have the mistake of  hearing “My favorite donut”, but oh no, it goes much further than that. It is the best donut. Not only is it pretty spectular from purely a taste perspective, but there happens to be a system to the consumption of this donut that is just splendid. That is what makes it so great. Now, you see this donut here above these words? There are two main parts to it. The outer shell, and the inner circle. Let me break down how to eat one of these bad boys:

A) Tear off those outer edges. There should be about 3 or 4 sections to this outer layer that you can easily pull off for a bite sized chunk.

Now on to the best part. With the outer edges removed, you should have a donut that resembles something like this:


This truly is the best part. What you’ll want to do now is:

        B) Squeeze the ring. By placing your thumb and finger on opposite sides and giving a slight squeeze, the donut will naturally fold and break into 4 more bite sized chunks. The end result is as follows:


NOW tell me that ain’t amazing! It tastes great, and naturally lends itself to consistent bite sized chunks! Seriously though, you all can have your fritterererers and maple bars, and I’ll just stick with the best donut known to man.

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