Brain mush.

[Disclaimer: This is a post that I wrote up last month. Figured it might as well be the post that breaks my little hiatus. Here it is in all its succinct glory!]

That’s all I’ve got right now. Brain mush. We’re experiencing an interesting time at work. The office is moving several floors, and had planned an overnight move on Wednesday. This involved having everything packed up and ready to go come closing time. Then Thursday comes, and the move didn’t happen. No one wants to unpack just to repack, so we’ve all just been sitting around, counting time today. Then we get word that the move won’t happen until over the weekend.

So today and tomorrow are full of moments like the one I was facing just now. 20 minutes til quitting time, I’ve exhausted any interest in the internet, and decided to try to inspire myself to write another chapter in the tale of Chuck. Got nothing. Thought about hitting up Reddit to see if “SpinsATale” couldn’t figure out something to post. Nothing.

I am so bored. My brain has turned to mush. What I’ve written just now is a triumph. Articulating any thoughts is met with an endless series of blanks.

I thought of a tattoo I’d like to get. It’s a tribal band around the bicep, done with sausage links.

I see that King Felix has extended his contract. This is baseball related. He is now the most millionaire of all millionaire pitchers.

I need more sleep in my life.

The sun came out for a surprise visit today. It was much welcome and instantly boosted my mood. The sun should realize this, and come out more often.

It weirds me out that they can successfully stitch up an eyeball. Like, with stitches. In your eye.

I wonder what the most uneventful day in history was? Where the least amount of noteworthy news happened. Was it a Monday in 90’s? Maybe a Thursday in 300 B.C.? Couldn’t have been a weekend day, people are up to no good.

By the time this sentence is finished, it will be close enough to 4:30 where I won’t feel guilty shutting down for the day.

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