Fire Flower


10 minutes remained.

I leaned back against the grassy hill, and pressed my lips to my cigarette. Drawing deep, I held the smoke in my mouth before exhaling in a heavy sigh. There wasn’t much else to do in this moment.

I remember when we had first learned of the asteroid. Panic set in. People suddenly felt the need to accomplish in 10 weeks what they hadn’t in 10 years. It didn’t work out that way. Looting set in swiftly. Riots, crime, shootings….people lashed out as much as they could. Their final, “hey world, pay attention to me! I’m relevant!” moment before we would all be wiped away. That was for the first 8 weeks. The last 2 had been eerily quiet, as if everyone had exhausted themselves in their destructive coping, and were now resigned to their fate. Waiting for impact.

Five minutes.

They tried everything they could, I’ll give the world governments that. Sometimes, you don’t always get what you want in life. I think that was the lesson we all were quickly having to learn. As for myself, I reached out to the few I had the capacity to care about in this world. Even fewer reached back.

Grasping the bottle of wine I had next to me, I reached for my glass. What’s the point? I twisted the wine glass, fingers wrapped around the stem. My reflection faintly stared back. Glass in hand, I reached back and threw the glass as far as I could muster, anticipating the melodic chime of it shattering. Pulling the wine bottle to my lips, I allowed myself to look it at again.

There it hung, fat in the sky like a cloud of fog. Impossible to look past. The sky surrounding it was on fire and it was beautiful, in its own way.

Thirty seconds.

There was no mistaking the speed of the object now. I sat forward, snatching a dandelion and twisting it in between my fingers, like I had done with the glass. Cradling the last bit of life I would ever hold in my hands, I traced the planets fate with the flower, holding it right in front of where the impact was to be. A quick flash, a quicker darkness, and a growing flame. From this angle, the flower itself appeared to be on fire.

From this angle, I could see the end.

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