Quick comment on parenting:

I wish parents would realize that rearing a child is about making them knowledgeable of the dangers of the world and how to thrive regardless, not trying to strip every perceivable danger from the world as you see fit in an attempt to raise a cookie cutter child. Exposure to undesirable things is an unfortunate truth to the world. Trying to keep a child sheltered will only result in backlash. You have to remember that any child is still very much so their own person, regardless of your genetic donation. The best course of action is to try to raise them to be open minded, but sure of their convictions and morals. Easier said than done, I know, but I am tiring of society’s attempt to censor anything and everything for foolish reasons.

It’s like taking a steak from a man because a child cannot chew it. There is no perfect, ideal, utopian world, and any attempt to feign ignorance to that fact is doomed for failure.

Release that anxiety of what worldly things threaten your child, and start thinking about what worldly things offer hope and potential. More optimism please, less pessimism.

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