It’s amazing what a little travel can do.

Recently came back from a very needed quick little vacation to Seattle. Was there to witness, first hand, the complete thrashing of the Arizona Cardinals at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. In all my years watching football, in person/TV/whatever, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game quite like that.

For the uninformed, On December 10th, the Seahawks beat the Cardinals 58-0 in a professional football game, where both sides pay their players and coaches ass loads of money to avoid having games that end in 58-0. Like I said, I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite like that game. Scoring left and right (I seriously thought they might get 70 points for a second) and with turnovers like crazy. When the Cardinals actually came out of the tunnel in the second half, I was actually a little surprised. It was a one sided game, to say the least.

So it was an entertaining game. The buddy I was seated with and I chatted up the seats next to us, who happened to be season ticket holders and were wondering why we had the “usual guys” tickets. Ended up on the Jumbotron twice. Had to whoop it up both times, of course. I think they were digging my style. Let’s see….also fell in love with at least 2 different cheerleaders. I think the feelings were mutual for one of them, because she totally kept looking towards my direction. She must have liked what she saw on the big screen.

As good as the game was, I was more than thankful to just get out of town. Where I live, I swear I will literally go crazy if I don’t get out of town every so often. You just get cabin fever, and it’s no good. Something about the city life really energizes me as well. I think maybe because it is so alive. Looking out from our view from the condo in the wee hours of the morning one night, there happened to be as much traffic then as there would be on a busy street at 7 pm back home. For instance, I had gone running a few nights before I left on the trip. It was a little later at night, around 10 pm, but I still had the entire road to myself. The sidewalks were covered in snow and ice, so I ended up running in the middle of the street due to the lack of traffic, hopping to the side if I needed to. But I hardly did. I felt like I owned that town that night. The foot of fresh snow covering everything recognizable, forming a type of snow tunnel that bobbed with the light from my headlamp as I ran. It was something else to experience. Making me want to go for another night run, right now!

Another neat thing that happened that weekend was running into a professional athlete. That weekend was the UFC event in Seattle, which we contemplated going to, but decided against. Last minute tickets are either too spendy, too fake (scalpers), or have too crappy of a view. We were better off watching them at the condo. One of my buddy’s favorite fighters ended up getting a heck of a knockout in his fight, which made it all the more surprising when we stumbled across him later that night at the bar. Just hanging out. We flipped out of course, chatted him up, and asked for pictures. I promised myself if I ever got a picture with a UFC fighter, that I wouldn’t do the fist. You know what I mean. But then the UFC guy did the fist, and I wasn’t about to fist snub a modern gladiator, so I followed suit. It was Matt Brown, by the way. Very chill guy, very humble. That was a good time.

Overall, it was a trip that was long overdue. Gave me some good stories, more of which I might drop here later, but mainly, it gave me some relaxation. Didn’t have to worry about anything, just existed in the city for 4 days. Got back into reading again, finishing two books and starting a third (the new Dennis Lehane!) while there. I definitely think I came out ahead on that one.

It’s amazing really, even if it’s just taking a long weekend from work, or it’s a legit out of town vacation, taking the time to do essentially nothing is food for the soul.

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