Sonder – What could be

This story involves a man who experiences sonder, but to an extreme. He discovers he can jump in and actually experience people’s lives through their own eyes. Settle in for a snapshot, a random glimpse, into an intimate or monumental moment in a strangers life, as the man explores this personal ability and deals with the ramifications of being able to see what people keep bottled up on the inside, hidden from view. He shuts himself off from personal interaction because he can’t bring himself to get close to anyone, able to see their most personal moments. So he stays at distance, until one day he is confronted with a glimpse of something terrible. He must abandon his selfish reservation and sacrifice his comfort to stop that which has already been set in motion. His newly found purpose in life crosses paths with a beautiful, mysterious woman who captures his attention. Paired with her, he finds his abilities begin to wane, ruining his chances at succeeding in his goal. Will he abandon the one person on earth who has given his life meaning over the past 30 years, or will he stay with her, risking a disaster of nightmarish proportions?

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