As the East coast dampens, my jealousy grows.

Jealous of what? Jealous of the extreme weather they’re getting to experience! Now, I wouldn’t wish ill on anyone, the destruction of property is bad, and I hope no one dies and all that politically correct stuff to make sure people don’t look at me weird…..but I love extreme weather.

Love it.

I’m especially jealous because I lived in Florida for a year, right during hurricane season, and had 4 or 5 hurricanes juuuuust miss where I was. Sure, I experienced some of the peripheral downpours, but nothing quite to the degree that I was expecting. I remember standing out in the middle of the field, leaning against the wind, as the rain came at me sideways. All that from just the very edge of the storm. To be near the eye? I can’t imagine.

There’s something awe inspiring about being presented with a nature bitch fit. Like nature just rears back and slaps us across the face, letting us know who is still boss. My absolute very favorite thing of all time ever just might be lightning storms. They are the biggest thing I miss from Florida, seeing as how you could almost set a watch to the 6 pm storms. I would sit at the window, or out on the porch, and watch the horizon flicker as the sky rumbled. I could be content to spend an entire evening witnessing a good storm, and there was times where that is exactly what I did. Maybe alter my state through some means, and sit back and watch nature in its element.

Good times. And as I see Sandy make her way onto shore, I’m reminded of the experiences I’ve had with extreme weather, and how alive I felt during them. Best of luck east coast, but I’m still jealous of you.

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2 Responses to As the East coast dampens, my jealousy grows.

  1. My daughter, who moved from our home in New England to the sunny west coast, always feels wistful during the summer about our epic thunderstorms. I made a video for her just so she could remember the experience, including eating a popsicle on the back porch while we watched the sound and light show.

    • slopmcflop says:

      Ah, that sounds ideal. Mighty considerate too.

      My brother is currently in NYC, away from the majority of the damage luckily, but I should have him send me a video or two of some of the happenings around there. Some of the pictures and videos of what Sandy is capable of have made me almost regret this post, especially as the death toll climbs into the dozens, but I’ll stand by it.

      Weather can make all of us a little awestruck.

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