Body language is like real time closed captioning.

I’ve always been a bit fascinated by body language. The knowledge that you can read further into a person’s state of mind beyond just their words is quite intriguing. While most may not realize it, the amount of communication done with our mere posture and mannerisms is staggering.

It’s not necessarily done on the conscious level, but everyone has the instinctive ability to be aware of a person’s body language. That’s why any sort of good job interview prep will have a section based on proper posture, eye contact, etc. Imagine you’re sitting across from two people. One is slumped over, head and eyes down, seemingly curling into themselves. The other is straight backed, head held high, and is engaging you with their eyes. Who would you say is the one being the most attentive/present in the moment?

I stumbled across the study of body language because I have an inherent fascination with all things relating to how the mind works. After realizing how poor my own body language was, the subject became a hot topic for me, and I now enjoy trying to cold read others around me purely through the way they hold themselves. I also try to accentuate my points or mindset in the way I present myself as well. You can learn some interesting things about yourself and others by just being a bit more aware.

A book I would highly recommend on the subject: The Definitive Book of Body Language.

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