Sundays are for football.

Say what you will about baseball being America’s pastime, but if you pay attention, it’s pretty obvious football is America’s sport.

And for good reason. Through week 6 of the 2012-2013 season, the league is as wide open as ever. Thanks to a hard salary cap, parity in the NFL is something you can count on. Expect the unexpected, so to speak. That is how you see upset after upset, week after week. I don’t envy anyone trying to keep their Pick’em record intact, because this has been a crazy year.

What was once the NFL’s doormat in the NFC west is now the league’s only division with all 4 teams at .500 or above. That division is also the owner of 3 of the best young defenses in the league in Seattle, San Francisco, and Arizona. Watching the Seahawks upset of the Patriots yesterday was a thing of beauty. Besides holding a deep burning hatred for all things Patriots and reveling in the schadenfreude, the game was a joy to watch because of Seattle’s imposing secondary. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor just might be the best safety tandem in the league, every single one of the starting DBs is over 6 feet tall, and every single one of them can play the pass as well as make huge hits in run support. Wes Welker was on the receiving end of a shot that made me dizzy, delivered by the same guy who ended up with two or three deflections and a pick.

Teams like the Seahawks (surprising even the most loyal Seattle fans by standing at 4-2 after six weeks) are what make the NFL so enjoyable. Young, unheralded, but showing up and taking care of business on Sundays. The media will coo and fawn over teams like the Jets (blah blah Tebow) and Cowboys (will Romo ever figure it out?) but the big market teams aren’t always the ones racking up Ws. Which brings me back to my original point. With a hard salary cap, large market teams can’t just buy up talent, parity thrives, and football fans are the winners.

Some random thoughts from week 6:

  • As a Panthers fan, the nice thing about bye weeks is that you can guarantee your team won’t lose.
  • AFC east has all 4 teams standing at a 3-3. Even more shocking is the point differential for those teams, ranging from -55 (Bills) to +51 (Patriots). Crazy stuff.
  • You can never count the Giants out. Coughlin and Short Bus Manning just seem to know how to get it done.
  • Unreal play from these rookie QBs. Wilson, Tannehil, RG3, and Weeden all getting wins. Very safe to say the leading Offensive Rookie of the Year has been RG3, as he continues to impress. We’ll see if it continues, as I believe Luck to be a better long term solution, but you certainly can’t say boo at Washington for snagging Griffin.
  • I hate the Packers for screwing me over in my Survivor league TWICE this year. First, it was the Seattle game and the blown call. Then, it was crapping the bed against the Colts. They eliminate me twice in three weeks, THEN decide to play like they’re supposed to? That’s cold, Green Bay.
  • Think the Bears are flying under the radar at this point. They had that ugly loss against the Packers, but have been rolling besides that. They currently own the biggest point differential in the league, possess an offense finally stacked with weapons, an opportunistic defense, and explosive special teams. I foresee a deep run in the playoffs.
  • Tonight’s game: DEN – 34, SD – 28. Better watch out NFL, elder Manning seems to be hitting his stride. Couple that with a tenacious defense (Von Miller and Derek Wolfe are two to watch) and I think Denver comes out with a victory.
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