Your blog is bad and you should feel bad.

Well of course it is, there’s no content! I’ll go ahead and use this as an introduction now. What I plan for this blog is an outlet for creative writing, nonsensical anecdotes, deep thoughts, and whatever else I feel like vomiting out across my keyboard.

I must warn you, this isn’t the first blog I’ve started, as I often will get a few posts in and then promptly cease to care about updating. I’ll use this post as a reference and say I get maybe 10 posts in before I bail. Hear that future me? Giving you no respect, no respect I say!

Ah well. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, it’s that past me is a dick. Always messing with present me. Future me, you ask? That guy is constantly MIA.

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2 Responses to Your blog is bad and you should feel bad.

  1. djpeterson3 says:

    Your voice is undeniable and distinct throughout this blog, which makes it awesome to read. I APPRECIATE YOU, PAST AND FUTURE YOU,

    • Much appreciated, bromigo. I’m pleasantly surprised that I have managed to triple my original predicted amount of posts thus far. One of the things I’ve learned in poking around all things blog is that it becomes easy to lose your voice, once you are aware of an audience. Just need to always keep in mind that writing is very much so a personal thing, no matter if it’s in a journal that will never see the light of day, or a novel that is read by millions. The words you put down are an extension of yourself. Always be mindful of this, and just have fun with it!

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